Respect & Dignity within the U of A Community


Respect and Dignity
In order to be successful academically, students need to feel safe in their learning environment. Of course, there has to be room for debate and disagreement - that's what makes an academic community vibrant. But it must always be conducted with respect for the dignity of others. 

Sexual Misconduct
Dating and sex are often part of the student experience, but can be confusing. Understanding the concept of consent is one thing that can help clarify expectations.

Property and Resources
To live in a safe and successful community we must respect the space we share. Become familiar with the rules of the community and ways to keep your own property safe. 

Alcohol and Misconduct
Alcohol can be a nice addition to a social gathering, but too much of a good thing can cause problems! Always be aware that your choice to drink does not absolve you of responsibility for choices you make while drinking. The expectations for your conduct do not change.

Living in Residence
Instead of a laundry list of things your're not allowed to do, and punishments for those who break the rules, our Residence Community has chosen to approach things in a different way.