Academic Integrity for Instructors

Academic Misconduct

The regulations set out in the Code of Student Behaviour (“the Code”) cover everything you need to know about the procedures for dealing with academic misconduct. Section 30.5.4 focuses on Procedures for Instructors in Cases Respecting Inappropriate Academic Behaviour of the Code.

Instructors and TAs are the point of first contact and play a key role in both prevention and detection of inappropriate academic behaviour. The following information is intended to guide you through the process from detection to proving to reporting any cases that do arise.

Identifying and Detecting Academic Misconduct

Understand what academic misconduct is and the best ways to detect it.

Proving Academic Misconduct

What is the Instructor's role in dealing with academic misconduct?

Reporting Academic Misconduct

If you believe that there has been a violation of the Code of Student Behaviour, this is what you need to know.

Dealing with Disruption

You will rarely have to deal with non-academic misconduct in your class, but we have a quick guide in case the need arises.

Please note this website does not replace or supersede the policies and procedures outlined in the Code of Student Behaviour. In the case of any disagreement, the Code of Student Behaviour takes precedence.


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